Duh, where have I been?  As I busy myself watching the ‘new 90210’ (which goes to show you that my brain borders on crazy) a much bigger more important news is taking place and I have Google to thank for raising my awareness.  The Big Bang Machine, The Proton Particle Accelerator, Large Hadron Collider, the flux capacitor. (ahhh wait that was already taken)   Apparently this event is so significant that an underground pajama party took place in Geneva and take note it has been 13 years to this day of the last known pajama party held by Madonna in 1995.

So what is this machine?  I won’t even attempt to explain that’s why we have geniuses called scientist for that, but it sounds cool.  I wish these guys and gals best of luck in their endeavors.

(but still I wonder…if they got thier idea from Dharma Initiative Project in ABC’s Lost.)