When I was young,  I had the biggest secret crush with a boy.  This kind of crush caused me to record songs from the radio and I created a mix tape for him.   It was so much better than writing a note.  It would convey my feelings.  The mix tape will profess my undying love.  This was my compilation:

Side A:

1:  Call Me by Blondie

2:  Secret Lovers by Atlantic Starr

3:  Crazy for you by Madonna

4:  I wanna be your boyfriend by The Ramones

5:  Lost in love by New Edition

6:  All Through The Night by Cindy Lauper

7:  We Belong by Pat Benatar

8:  Venus by Bananarama

9:  French Kissin’ in the USA by Deborah Harry

10:  St. Elmo’s fire theme song

Side B:

1:  Shattered Dreams by Johnnie Hates Jazz

2:  Owner of a lonely heart by Yes

3:  Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler

4:  I’ll get over you by Toto

5:  Don’t You Want Me by Human League

6:  Do You Really Want To Hurt Me by Culture Club

7:  How Soon Is Now by The Smiths

8:  Love Is A Battlefield by Pat Benatar

9:  Blue Monday by New Order

10:  Separate Lives by Phil Collins

These songs we’re carefully hand picked and tailored with a purpose.  Side A’s theme  my feeling and Side B’s message comprised of rejection.  I have better taste in music now and I never gave my mix tape to my crush.  I recently discovered my mix tape and no doubt revived a memory of how nerdy I was once and I like that part of me.  I know this was a piece of object that we all once made or received at one point in our youthful days.