Just in case you doubted my generosity this upcoming gift giving season…here’s your proof. It’s in one of these container. So pretend I’m Oprah for a minute and here it goes….”You get a box. Yoooo get a boooox!…You get aaaaaaaa boxxxxx!!!” Oh joy.  Let’s all jump in jubilation on our extra buttery leather couch because ….the season of “Extreme Shopping” is right around the corner.
Yes folks, tis’ the season of ‘contact sports.’ This is my RBI STATS last year. I was in the market for a Wii. I started my game already late in the season. Beginning of November, I had a list of bases (stores ranging from EB Games to Circuit City) within 13 miles radius then first thing a.m. i’d make a few phone calls, “Hey do you have any Wii?” Often I didn’t have any hits and it went on like this for days even weeks. I was getting dissapointed that my children were never going to have this coveted holy grail of game console and that they would have to be scarred for life. So I worked harder, I even contacted family members in California (could you say desperate) and talked to my friends Kathy and Marky-Marc and the funky bunch, that if you see any Wii will you buy it for me and i’ll pay you back? Oh yeah we are still friends even after that intrusive crazy idea. But finally, I scored. I called a certain store and they happen to have two left. I ran over pot holes and concrete divider (i happen to be in an armor clad SUV that day) parked on the fire truck zone–kicked open the door and announce myself to the cashier with a crazed look and i say screaming “This is Sparta!” they had no choice but to give me the Wii at that point. I was rabbid that day. I’m sure they would’ve given me the other one if I asked for it.  Good luck to all the hockey moms and soccer moms.  Let’s keep the injuires to a minimum.