I can relate to the dilemma of President Elect Mr. Obama of choosing the right kind of puppy.  My 7-year boy suffers from allergies as well but the hypoallergenic trait doesn’t factor in on his list of the puppy’s pedigree. 

     So his dad and I gave him a research project simply because we wanted to stall his want of having a puppy.  I didn’t think that my kid would follow through and at age 7, I was pretty impressed of his starting point of research, his school library.  Soon he was coming home with stacks of books from pugs to wiener dogs to labs and poodles.  He even made a list of what he is looking for in a puppy.  (I hope he applies this knowledge when he starts searching for a wife but let’s not go there.)  Little dude’s sentence began something like this (almost poetic), “What I want in a puppy…”

A puppy that can swim or surf.

A puppy that can climb a tree.

A puppy that I can ride like a big horse.

A puppy that will protect and defend.

I want a lab.

His list went on.  So this what my son is in the pet market for …he wants a Labra-squirrel (climbing ability), a Labra-dolphin (a surfing buddy), A coppoodoodle ( a police and a poodle mix).  If any of you know where I can find a perfect pet let me know and one more thing my husband wants a Labra-wife.