Happy Birthday to us.  It has been a year since we cancelled our cable tv subscription.  Liberated from sub-par programming of reality tv shows, catastrophic predictions of monstrous natural disasters, QVC endorsement,   infomercials of another useless product, evangelical channels and Nancy Grace.

Free from the shackles of monthly cable TV  fee!!!!

My family covet media transportability.  If you can’t put it in your pocket forget it.  So our viewing habit  is definitely unconventional.  We watch video through our iTouch  connected to our 50 inch flat screen.   At times we update our Facebook status through our Wii connection and any show we missed we’ll catch it on-line (on a rainy day).  We have 3 macs and 1 regular pc.  I have a filtering program for my kids.  I don’t want myself  or my kids tethered in front of the TV for hours nor staying up late night watching nothing or time spent channel surfing.  Commercials are nothing but spam on TV.     My kids did not suffer from entertainment withdrawals or bore doom.  The transition was easy and they don’t miss it at all and neither do I.