I am reposting this blog I wrote 2 years ago.  We really need to rethink Offshore Drilling due to environmental and economical impact that looms caused by The Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico.  If we don’t pay attention you may be eating your shrimp basket flavored with 10W-30:

During the election of 2008, I heard the Republican Party in a frenzy screaming “Drill Baby Drill!!!.”  This was the mantra that echoed in Sarah Palin’s VP’s speech and her and the Republican party’s words left me broken.

     I am oppose to off-shore drilling for simple reasons:

1.     Off-shore drilling will not significantly affect me financially. 

2.     The environmental risk by far out weighs the benefits the State would receive.

3.     Off shore drilling will only postpone the inevitable solution, which is alternative energy.

As I raise my concern, offshore drilling in the Virginia coast is moving forward with the push of the current Bush Administration.  I can’t say democrat Tim Kaine had no role on this issue he supported the bill back in 2006.  Currently, 50 miles offshore in Virginia is being considered for offshore oil and natural gas exploration. In North Carolina ocean waters, they are pushing for 100 miles offshore but Virginia will set the standard.    

     In closing, I want to say that I love the ocean.  I love the gifts the ocean bestows to families, my friends and me.  When the day comes that my husband and children cannot surf or swim or I can’t jog on the beach because of environmental issues caused by offshore drilling, yes I will be angry.  The vision of black slick oil accompanied by lifeless sea creature washing on shore isn’t appealing at all to me.  I have strong reservations with regards to nature.  Remember oil is a global commodity the price is set according the entire world demands.  Don’t be fooled.