Really, Vouge? — March 25, 2014

Really, Vouge?

Not impressed on Vouge’s front cover of Kim and Kanye. For a publication that prides on ‘high fashion’ perhaps Anna Wintour needs to take her shades off and really look. Kim Ks clothing line in Sears and Kanye’s overpriced plain cotton T and his clothing line in PacSun is not high fashion.
Smokey The Bear has more depth and style: classic blue jeans, no shirt, red boots, and trend setting ‘the hat’ before Pharrell was born and holding a big hoe!!! This should be your cover, Vouge!  #vouge


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The crazy thing about this STAT is — September 23, 2012

The crazy thing about this STAT is

1.  Mongolia has Internet?!  say what!!

2.  I picture the Chief Village in his yurt (as rightfully he would be the only one with satellite/cable as well) reading my blog while outside a line of villagers waiting to use the only computer within the 100 mile radius.



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Goodbye year of the Ox…Roll in Year of the Tiger 2010 — December 13, 2010

Goodbye year of the Ox…Roll in Year of the Tiger 2010

Ox, mighty and strong yet timid and slow at times.  During the months of 2009, the Ox  symbolically represented the stagnant stage of our economy and the weight of recession.  As we, the people, headstrong perservered and accomplished our daily task and plowed through life’s challenges and collected rewards not without sacrifices.  Another year has closed again and not only we begin the new year but also count to an end of a decade.  Hoping that 2010 will bring much needed turning points in all four corners of the earth.   What I wish for others is really what I wish for myself.

1.  Exercise – I am not merely referring to physical attributes but more to the heart.  Find the real ‘you’ exercise compassion. Cultivate kindness.

2.  Legacy – What we leave behind is much more significant than what we take with us.

3.  Bondage- We must have the courage to change and challenge old traditions resulting to convergence of universe  instead of collision.  Free ourselves from the comfort of ignorance.

4.  Justice -How we treat others is paradoxically different than how we care for them.

5.  Spirituallity – is not  a system nor a foundation but a tool for navigating our lives properly.    It is the hidden path to God.

Network for hope.  Network for peace.  Network for love. Network for kindness.  Only through pure processes we will cultivate our inner gem and begin healing the ailments within and throughout the world.

“Let your vision be world-embracing, rather than confined to your own self.” (Tablets of Bahá’u’lláh, p. 87)