Goodbye year of the Ox…Roll in Year of the Tiger 2010 — December 13, 2010

Goodbye year of the Ox…Roll in Year of the Tiger 2010

Ox, mighty and strong yet timid and slow at times.  During the months of 2009, the Ox  symbolically represented the stagnant stage of our economy and the weight of recession.  As we, the people, headstrong perservered and accomplished our daily task and plowed through life’s challenges and collected rewards not without sacrifices.  Another year has closed again and not only we begin the new year but also count to an end of a decade.  Hoping that 2010 will bring much needed turning points in all four corners of the earth.   What I wish for others is really what I wish for myself.

1.  Exercise – I am not merely referring to physical attributes but more to the heart.  Find the real ‘you’ exercise compassion. Cultivate kindness.

2.  Legacy – What we leave behind is much more significant than what we take with us.

3.  Bondage- We must have the courage to change and challenge old traditions resulting to convergence of universe  instead of collision.  Free ourselves from the comfort of ignorance.

4.  Justice -How we treat others is paradoxically different than how we care for them.

5.  Spirituallity – is not  a system nor a foundation but a tool for navigating our lives properly.    It is the hidden path to God.

Network for hope.  Network for peace.  Network for love. Network for kindness.  Only through pure processes we will cultivate our inner gem and begin healing the ailments within and throughout the world.

“Let your vision be world-embracing, rather than confined to your own self.” (Tablets of Bahá’u’lláh, p. 87)

Section 3 Row 67 Site 29 — May 26, 2010

Section 3 Row 67 Site 29

Pass the cotton fields,   pass the magnolia groves, pass the estuary, you can smell Wisterias in bloom when the south wind blows in the spring.  If you stand long enough in reverence, a mosquito buzzing in your ear might just interrupt your moment of reflection in the summer time heat but above all, a feeling of longing of ‘just one more time” here on section 3 row 67 site 29.  Pass the shopping centers; pass the neighborhoods, off the interstate:  the American flag wave over plot 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36 …

I remember holding my father’s hand when he was gravely ill.  His hands were full of calluses and fingernails embedded with motor grease.  Wear and tear from years of putting food on the table for the family. I read the lines on his hand like a fortune teller looking for stories about his life. If he held a rifle during the post World War II, I couldn’t find a sign of it on his palm. The lines intersected and I read nothing.  He was dying and I barely knew him.  He couldn’t speak anymore.  Stroke got the best of him.  So I held his hand against my cheek rough like a sandpaper, I thought “Just one more time” for a story like when he was  a boy and his best friend was a water buffalo, or how about that story when he was stationed  in Guam looking for the ‘enemy’.  I wasn’t paying attention when he told me the first time.

So there in section 3 row 67 site 29.  He is amongst company:  A 21 year old from Operation Desert Storm, an 80 year old from the Korean War, “Stew” who fought in Afghanistan, John from the Vietnam War, a lieutenant from World War I and his wife, an ‘unknown’ from Iraq war.  My father lies amongst soldiers surrounded by freshly cut carnations and teddy bears.  Plastic pumpkins in the fall and evergreens in the winter, miniature American flag on Independence Day and pillow hearts on Valentine’s Day.  Gone but not forgotten.  Forever love and perpetually miss these soldiers and my father.

On my last visit, I saw a mother and her toddler.  She brushed the headstone while her toddler adorns it with acorns.  The act was so intimate I felt like I didn’t belong and  as I was leaving the grounds, Taps softly played.  Tears were shed for another soldier coming home.

To Offshore Drill or Not To Offshore Drill, That is the question… — May 3, 2010

To Offshore Drill or Not To Offshore Drill, That is the question…

I am reposting this blog I wrote 2 years ago.  We really need to rethink Offshore Drilling due to environmental and economical impact that looms caused by The Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico.  If we don’t pay attention you may be eating your shrimp basket flavored with 10W-30:

During the election of 2008, I heard the Republican Party in a frenzy screaming “Drill Baby Drill!!!.”  This was the mantra that echoed in Sarah Palin’s VP’s speech and her and the Republican party’s words left me broken.

     I am oppose to off-shore drilling for simple reasons:

1.     Off-shore drilling will not significantly affect me financially. 

2.     The environmental risk by far out weighs the benefits the State would receive.

3.     Off shore drilling will only postpone the inevitable solution, which is alternative energy.

As I raise my concern, offshore drilling in the Virginia coast is moving forward with the push of the current Bush Administration.  I can’t say democrat Tim Kaine had no role on this issue he supported the bill back in 2006.  Currently, 50 miles offshore in Virginia is being considered for offshore oil and natural gas exploration. In North Carolina ocean waters, they are pushing for 100 miles offshore but Virginia will set the standard.    

     In closing, I want to say that I love the ocean.  I love the gifts the ocean bestows to families, my friends and me.  When the day comes that my husband and children cannot surf or swim or I can’t jog on the beach because of environmental issues caused by offshore drilling, yes I will be angry.  The vision of black slick oil accompanied by lifeless sea creature washing on shore isn’t appealing at all to me.  I have strong reservations with regards to nature.  Remember oil is a global commodity the price is set according the entire world demands.  Don’t be fooled.

Life without Cable TV — April 19, 2010

Life without Cable TV

Happy Birthday to us.  It has been a year since we cancelled our cable tv subscription.  Liberated from sub-par programming of reality tv shows, catastrophic predictions of monstrous natural disasters, QVC endorsement,   infomercials of another useless product, evangelical channels and Nancy Grace.

Free from the shackles of monthly cable TV  fee!!!!

My family covet media transportability.  If you can’t put it in your pocket forget it.  So our viewing habit  is definitely unconventional.  We watch video through our iTouch  connected to our 50 inch flat screen.   At times we update our Facebook status through our Wii connection and any show we missed we’ll catch it on-line (on a rainy day).  We have 3 macs and 1 regular pc.  I have a filtering program for my kids.  I don’t want myself  or my kids tethered in front of the TV for hours nor staying up late night watching nothing or time spent channel surfing.  Commercials are nothing but spam on TV.     My kids did not suffer from entertainment withdrawals or bore doom.  The transition was easy and they don’t miss it at all and neither do I.

Holiday gift guide (in no particular order) for the ‘groms’ and beyond — December 18, 2009

Holiday gift guide (in no particular order) for the ‘groms’ and beyond

1.            Club Penguin!  – on line game subscription.   Easy to navigate for the young ones, fun and very cute!

2.            Bring back the 80s Fad –  …it’s six o’clock on a Swatch Watch

3.            Indo Board

4.            Book Series by author Rick Riordan – beginning with  book one  Lightning Thief

5.            Step Into Liquid surf video

 6.           Ipod Boom Box – I want this for me from urban outfiiters,+product.marketingPriority,-product.startDate&navCount=24&navAction=poppushpush&color=&pushId=A_MEDIA_ALL&popId=APARTMENT_MEDIA&prepushId=

7.            Charitable gift and teach kids the true meaning of giving check out

8.            Savings Bonds stay with classic gift giving

9.            Skull Candy Headphones the big ones!

10.          Movie Passes  go extra and buy  Imax tickets

Ladies Be thankful for your man because… — September 4, 2009
FYI on Student Loans — August 23, 2009

FYI on Student Loans

On July 1, 2009 IBR (Income Based Repayment) officially became available. “In addition to lowering monthly student loan payments, Income-Based Repayment forgives any remaining debt — including interest — after 25 years of payments. Most borrowers will pay off their debt before then, but under current law, if there’s anything left after 25 years, the amount forgiven would be taxed as income to the borrower. ” Here’s the link: